Abstract Submission

Abstract submission will open on 15 February 2018 – please do not submit your abstract before this date. Meanwhile, you can download the template and prepare your abstract if you wish. Thank you.

  • You can submit as many abstract as you like to Sagamore 2018. (Repeat the completion of this form each time and upload the next abstract (if you have more than one)).
  • Registration to the conference is NOT linked to abstract submission and can be done later (here).
  • Please use the following Word Document template to submit your abstract: Template
  • Download the template, use it to format the abstract, then please save the file name as follows:

         FAMILY NAME_FIRST NAME_[SERIAL NUMBER (if you have more than one abstract)]_Abstract_Sagamore2018    with either   .doc   or   .docx   as extensions.  e.g. Doe_Jane_02_Abstract_Sagamore2018.docx

  • Then please fill the form and upload your file below: