R. F. W. Bader Prize

baderThe Inaugural Richard F. W. Bader International Prize for Excellence in Charge Density Research

Call for Nominations

We are pleased to announce the inaugural Richard F. W. Bader Prize to be presented at the Sagamore 2018 Conference.

Richard F. W. Bader (1931-2012) (formerly at the Dept. of Chemistry, McMaster University) was an exceptionally original theorist of chemistry. Rare are those who develop and entire field of research as Bader who has developed the Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules (QTAIM) that led to the now well developed field of Quantum Chemical Topology (QCT). The impact of Bader’s work is as strong on the community of theoretical and computational chemistry as it is on the experimental crystallographic community. QTAIM and the perhaps wider umbrella of QCT are now standard theoretical frameworks used by experimentalists and theorists alike in both applied and fundamental research.

To celebrate the oeuvre and achievements of Professor Bader, the Richard F. W. Bader International Prize for Excellence in Charge Density Research will be awarded to one or (exceptionally) to a maximum of two established scientists (typically at the Rank of Professor) at the pinnacle of their career. It is hoped that the prize will be awarded at every Sagamore conference with the inaugural prize to be awarded in June of 2018 in Halifax.

The Prize:

  • Free “honorary” registration at the conference and a framed Prize Diploma.
  • A 60 minute Award Lecture at the Sagamore Conference.
  • An “Invited Award Paper” in Physica Scripta, the official physics journal of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science to highlight the work of the winner(s) in the form of a review or position paper. The paper must be written by the winner but can have co-authors as usual.


  • This prize is open for any person that satisfies the other criteria regardless of national origin, gender, age, etc.
  • The nominee should be an “established scientist” at an advanced stage of theor career, typically at the full professor level (or equivalent).
  • Self-nomination or nomination by  a nominator are accepted.
  • Topics considered for this award include, but are not necessarily limited to, the experimental and theoretical determination and analysis of the charge density in crystals and/or in isolated molecules, Quantum Chemical Topology broadly defined, Bader’s Quantum Theory of Atoms in Molecules (QTAIM), quantum crystallography, analysis of the Electron Localization Function (ELF), analysis of the electron momentum density, etc.

Nomination Guidelines/Procedures:

  • The nomination should consist of:
  1. A cover letter explaining why the nominee’s work is deserving of this award describing his/her inventions, discoveries, impact and originality of the work. The impact of the candidate work must be current.
  2. A CV of the nominee with a full list of publications.
  3. Five sample publications that represent the best work by the candidate (at least three must have been published in the last 6 years and the other three can be older).
  4. Whether this is a self-nomination or a nomination by others, at least two additional letters of support from recognized scientists in the field are required up to a maximum of three letters to be sent directly to the email below. It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that the whole package including the letters of support are received by the deadline.
  5. Any additional relevant information.

Selection Committee:  See: http://www.sagamore2018.ca/organizers/

The deliberations and individual votes of the committee will remain strictly confidential and its decision cannot be appealed.