Sagamore 2021: India

On Wednesday 11 July 2018, after the group photo shoot, ballots were distributed on the registered participants of Sagamore 2018. There were three candidate Countries running for Sagamore 2021: France, India, and Mexico. The representative of each delegation has been given fair opportunities to address the attending delegates in short oral presentations.

62 votes have been cast. The votes were counted in an open space by three members of the Local Organizing Committee under the supervision of three registered delegates who are neither nationals nor work in one of the three candidate countries.

The details of the votes were as follows:
India 27
Mexico 22
France 10
Abstentions 1
Invalid votes (more than one option or naming a non-candidate country) 2


Image below: Professor Parthapratim Munshi of Shiv Nadar University (Invited Speaker & Representative of the Indian Delegation) giving a short acceptance speech at the Conference Banquet right after the announcement of the results of the vote